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08-19-2012, 04:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Hugh Mann View Post
These livability surveys do not rate livability for working people on average incomes. They typically rate livability for corporate executives or highly skilled and educated expatriates on assignment. The Economist Survey is an example of this. I know some people in Vancouver, including media outlets, are either ignorant of this, or choose to overlook it, but it's critical because it tells you that trying to hawk these surveys as indicative of the city's overall livability is at best missing the mark, and at worst is completely moronic. For working people, Vancouver is utterly unlivable; certainly, for most such people, a comparable or better quality of life would be available for a substantially lower cost in almost every other metropolitan area in the country.

Also, I did not say transit, I said transportation infrastructure. This includes roads and freeways (or in Vancouver's case, the lack thereof). Public transit is also woefully inadequate, though; compared to Seoul, NYC, or London, the Skytrain is a joke.
I'd like you to try Winnipeg's transit system. I think you'd be very happy with Vancouver's after using Winnipeg's.

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