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Originally Posted by VanIslander View Post
Judgements vary greatly, obviously, as you claim that Lokomotiv's netminding is among the top-3 listed while I think our goaltending is not even top-3 in our own division! Now, don't get me wrong, it's fine, but... the top-3 are to my mind these remarkable creases I'd trade wholesale (as a duo) for any time:
I wasn't posting anybody from my own team, so that's why the Mania tandem wasn't included. Since you brought it up, I do agree that any list of best goaltending in this draft has to include our guys. In my view, Moran is easily the best starter, and the gap is not small. Lemelin is among the elite back-ups, and might even be better than a handful of starters.

As for Paton and Nicholson, I'm not quite sold. Their best case for beig drafted is their GAA, and that has a lot more to do with the team in front of a goalie than it has to do with him. There is some evidence that Nicholson was a good goalie in his time.

Personally, I would like to see some contemporary opinions on the guys. The only descriptions of Paton we have are from Utimate Hockey ( was the online version until it was taken down). All we really know about Paton was that he was the starting goalie on an excellent team. To me, that means he was likely one of the better goalies of his time, but it's not enough to say he was elite.

Billy Nicholson is kind of in the same boat. We have a few contemporary reports, but very little that talks about how good he actually was. "He made a tough" is nice, but how many goalies don't make tough saves now and again? Like Paton, the best evidence we have for him was that he played for a championship team.

Basically, we don't know enough about either guy to really make a legitimate claim about how good they were.

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