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08-19-2012, 05:38 PM
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Do we need spare parts so badly that we'd give up a guy who projects to be a more useful player as early as this season? It's not like Ellerby is NHL-proven. He hasn't forced his way into their lineup. Tatar would be an overpayment.

I think a 2nd or even 3rd round pick might be appropriate value for him. We're talking about a project DEFENSIVE defenseman who has been a minus in virtually every season he's played since he started in the CHL while also providing almost no offense. He scored 6 goals in his entire CHL career. Not only that, but he hasn't shown the ability to put up points at the AHL level either, meaning he could bring almost negative offense at the NHL level. His greatest accomplishment at this point is putting up 12 points in 54 games two seasons ago, which prorates to 18 points in 82 games. He regressed the next year, putting up 5 points in 40 games. No goals.

So here's the checklist:

is he good offensively? Absolutely not. Brendan Smith nearly had more points in 3 years of college than Ellerby has had in the CHL, AHL, and NHL combined. If Smith had made it 4, it wouldn't be close.

is he good defensively? It's doubtful. While you could say he was playing shutdown minutes in the CHL, and perhaps even the AHL, he has been a liability at the NHL level, where he was certainly not in that role. The team has also shown a lack of confidence in him by using him as an AHL/NHL tweener for the last couple of years.

is he tough? He seems to have had a bit of that in the CHL, but his PIM totals have declined steeply since then. He hovered in the 30-50 PIM range in the AHL and has been even lower in the NHL. His longest season, 54 games, saw him put up a measly 22 PIM.

Given all of that, what's the point, really? Yes, scouts thought he had huge potential, but he hasn't shown anything. What makes anybody think he's going to show anything now?

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