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08-19-2012, 06:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Masao View Post
I've been there for the first time today. Funny since I've seen this place over and over for years without ever getting in.

Since Hampstead is right next door, and there's a couple of elegant places nearby (like the Marathon restaurant near the Orange Julep) I thought Decarie Square would be a nice place.

This is by far the most depressing mall I've ever seen. It looks like a third world country in there. Right as you enter there's a Sears, supposedly an elegant store. That one looks like a garage sale.

There are more empty, run-down "for rent" spaces than actual stores (usually on liquidation). The ground is filthy. It's isolated and looks like a place for a drug deal. It's empty and depressing.

And on the second floor, you even have a welfare office.

I couldn't help looking it up when I came back. This is some sad stuff.

I wonder if one day Rockland Center and La Baie will end up looking like Decarie Square.
I went there once and I'll never go back. That place is extra depressing.

I don't see how Rockland will ever turn to that. It's in TMR. Even if it becomes empty, the inside will never look like a dump.

Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
I didn't know people liked Winners so much.
They have pretty good deals on certain things. Although none of the brands I wear can be found there. I usually just get some boxers or socks from there. They have nice Polo and Calvin Klein there. I'll get the occasional sports wear from there too but even that, I have a hard time finding really good stuff.
I'm quite picky with my clothes though and have expensive tastes.

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