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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
I don't know if you remember the general dialogue in Montreal after Plekanec scored 70 points that season. We had just finished 1st in the conference and people were discussing how to be a true cup contender, not how to scramble for 8th place.

The discussion was about how the Montreal Canadiens are weak down the middle. Gainey tried to get Sundin but he didn't want to come. Gainey then got Robert Lang. Gainey thent tried to get Lecavalier but the asking price was not anchored in reality. There was a rumour about bringing in Sergei Zinovjev from Russia. Gainey finally pulled the trigger on the Gomez trade and declared victory.

In the same way that Desharnais can get ~60 points in the best of circumstance, Plekanec can get a significantly superior ~70 points in the best of circumstance, and also contribute 3 minutes a game on the penalty kill, which he did twice. That's much better than what DD gave us on both offense and defense, and you know what? There was a general consensus in Habs fandom that while Plekanec as a number 1 center was good enough to make the playoffs, it wasn't good enough to be a true contender.

That was back in the day of high expectations in Habs land, now that we've regressed to a fandom that thinks 8th place is the one true ambition, we're happy with Desharnais and his 60 points even though we weren't happy with Plekanec and his 70 points a few years prior.


Marc Savard, when healthy, had seasons of 97, 96, 78, and 88 points --- totally different from the 62 points of Desharnais. If Desharnais had produced 90 points we would have been a playoff team imo.
first full season.... obviously he will never do better.

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