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Jack Church

Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Let's go back and retrace our steps here. You used the fact that he couldn't make the NHL after three years off as evidence that he was slow. When challened you provided no other evidence to back it up. Milt Schmidt, one of the finest players of all-time, proves nothing. He was good enough to recover. Kampman wasn't. All the guys who were, were drafted a long time ago.

Clearly the knock on Kampman is his short career. If he had a 15 year career of fairly significant all star votes, contribution to winning teams, physicality and legendary strength, he would be in Leo Reise territory. But he played 5 years. This is why he is an 1100th-ish pick. The footspeed thing is just a really stinky red herring. Not sure why you feel the need to make it about something it's not.
Seems like the Jack Church example, Kampman's teammate with the Leafs zipped right by you.


Missed two seasons of hockey but played in the post WWII NHL.

So your defence of Bingo now rests on a fantasy 15 career. Give it up. Admit his short comings.

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