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08-19-2012, 05:43 PM
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Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Again, what I wonder with QoC...

Those stats do not tell us how good DEFENSIVELY were the guys against whom the Pax/Cole/DD played. I can't remember who brought the Sami Pahlsson point, but that's clearly a case where QoC is somewhat counter-productive.

By that metric, a guy like Jussi Jokinen (or any guy who is offensively-competent, but not exactly the best thing since sliced bread, and not that great defensively) would score higher than a guy like Pahlsson, yet, it's probably much tougher to play against Sami Pahlsson than against J.Jokinen. And since Jokinen isn't THAT great, well, a player who ends being matched up against a 2nd-tier offensive player probably has an easier task than the one up against Pahlsson, especially as far as scoring is concerned.

Oh, back to Eller. Please, don't move him to wing. Down the road, he's probably the one (not DD, not Galchenyuk) who would make the better replacement for Plekanec -- ie, a guy able to score 20, play good-to-very-good defense and who doesn't own terrific on-ice vision.

DD? Whether he's a winger or a center long-term is up in the air. Ironically, DD would make a great partner to Eller. Or could end up being our version of Daniel Brière (3rd line with big bodies but PP duties). Or he could actually end up having an even better season than last year.

Oh, and while we're at it... SHould the Sedins be relegated to 2nd line duties?
It doesn't matter how good defensively the opposing player was playing that given night, because for every lack of defensive play, there is surplus on defensive play on another night. So only thing that is debatable is the size of the sample, if there is enough data for the data to average out and how the data is taken. Given the benefit of the doubt that the guys behind the stats have average to advancing experience and or knowledge of hockey, their data gathering plus the statistical toll would give us a better picture then just relying on memory, which others have said many times, and is very observable, is influenced by bias, our belief system (given that we are fans, we are fanatical, meaning we use belief as an observational tool of the game.)

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