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08-19-2012, 06:07 PM
Tim Calhoun
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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Manhattan isn't a little enclave - it is 60 sq km, more than half the size of all of Vancouver - not sure how it's relevant comparing it to the couple of square clicks in the downtown peninsula.

To get an idea of how populous AND big Manhattan is, take everybody living east of Boundary and west of, and squeeze them in west of Main St.

Love that town...
You compared Manhattan to all of Vancouver. I pointed out that comparing it to downtown Vancouver is a better comparison: Manhattan is 7.2% of NYC's total area, and the downtown peninsula is 8.6% of Vancouver's total area, and both are the most densely populated areas of their respective cities.

And if you see my original post, I clearly said that comparing NYC's transit system to that of Vancouver's is silly, considering NYC is a much older, bigger, and more densely populated city. My main point is that considering Vancouver's size and geographic constraints, its transit is just fine (especially in Vancouver proper).

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