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Interesting Point

Originally Posted by Hobnobs View Post
I've got to ask and I think it's an important question. Should europeans be cross-compared to their canadian counterparts in the earlier eras?

When the soviets started to play hockey they were basically at the same level as canadians when they started, correct. Isn't it unfair then to compare them to a culture who has played hockey for nearly 5 decades longer?

For example, Tom Paton gets great recognition here and Im fine with it. No doubt he was a great goalie but were he greater than a Soviet/Swedish/Finnish/Czech goalie at the same level or era?

Obviously it would be pretty complicated to determine what era each country is in at a certain given time but I feel its something that should atleast be explored.
Interesting point.

When Canadiens started playing hockey they were learning as they went along. Not getting into the when question here.

When the Swedes, Czechs and later the Soviets started hockey they
had the benefit of the knowledge of the game of hockey that had accumulated.

Still the major impetus to the development of Czech hockey was the contribution of Canadian Mike Buchna - link posted previously in this thread.

The Czechs then took the accumulated knowledge plus Mike Buchna's contribution to the Soviet Union in 1948.

On a timeline the early Canadians had the basic intro course, the Czechs benefitted from the intermediate level course while the Soviets received the advanced course. This should contribute contribute to the context as should the level of competition.

Specifically Frank McGee:

scored 14 goals in a SC challenge game against Dawson City a very weak opponent.

So the scoring exploits of European stars like Bobrov, Zabrodsky in 18-2, type blowouts against weak European opposition should be looked at in the same light as Frank McGee's 14 goal game. Nice curiosity, trivia but not valid indication of talent.

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