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12-04-2003, 05:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Laches
I think some changes need to be made, but I also think that the alleged boringness of today's game is often highly overstated, particularly by Ranger fans who are more bitter about their own team's lack of success than anything else. If it were the Rangers, not the Devils, that just won their third cup in eight years, I doubt you'd see so many diatribes about how bad the game is today.

I haven't read Greenberg's article, though I never really thought much of him as a hockey writer
I don't think that's the case at all.Success or not the way the game is played now is simply dreadful and each game is pretty much a carbon copy of eachother and EVERYONE from players to fans to analysts acknowledge this FACT as it is simply undeniable if you watch hockey on a consistent basis.

Between the positional hockey along with the obstruction factor skating has been all but removed from the game for the most part and skill has also taken a beating as it is rarely on display anymore.Everything is this generic, take no chances conservative hockey that is void of much emotion and is played as systematic as possible which absolutely KILLS any entertainment value in the game and last I checked the game is suppossed to be entertaining.

The league has tiled way to much toqrds rewarding 4 line systems and making each player a cog as oppossed to allowing for the supremely talented guys to dictate the outcomes of games where as now you have ciaches who face an extremely high turnover rate dictating the outcomes of games by instituting these passive systems so that their respective teams remain "competitive" and the result is some really boring F'in hockey that can be so much more than what it currently is.

Whether you want to believe it or not this is a major problem facing the league and the fact that you see so many star players complain about it should speak volumes.People including me don't pay to see 3rd and 4th liners get almsot as much time as the supposive stars and allowing for the NHL to implement their goal or parity whether articial or real(It's very artificial in todays game) is killing the game and pushing people away from the game, even diehards.

As one of the above posters stated, I also have center ice and even when I'm just watching other teams while having no interest in the game other than entertainment and going with that goal it's tough to come across a game that really keeps my interest and that certainly wasn't always the case and that's disturbing.

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