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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
Should Bobrov and Zabrodsky be compared to guys like Dan Bain and Tommy Phillips instead of Frank Mahovlich and Sid Abel?
Dan Bain and especially Tommy Phillips are too late. Bob MacDougall and Dolly Swift are guys who played when Canadian hockey was probably in a similar stage of development as European hockey of the Bobrov era.

Maybe those two are still too late; I don't know. I mentioned Allan Cameron and Tom Paton as the best of the early 1890s.

But you'll never convince me that the best players in Europe during the Bobrov era were worse than those who played in the 1883 Winter Carnival

I think the vast majority of GMs here, if not all, think not. It is important to consider how good each player was compared to the best of their time. I know that you don't like to hear that, but that gold standard is the NHL.
This is definitely important, but to me, determining the quality of a player's competition is also important

If Uganda started their hockey program right now , and in 20 years had joined the "big 7" , should Gms in 50 years look at whoever was their pioneer and best player of this era, and consider him on par worth cyclone Taylor?
IMO, modern Germany hockey might a better comparison to 1950s Europe. If you think Germany is too good, maybe look at Norway. The National Team as a whole is worse than an AHL team, but every so often a standout player is produced

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