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04-29-2006, 08:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Istvan
Carolina is rolling over the "classy" Habs because when they "push" no one pushes back. Hell with the blind morons that missed Williams 2nd "accidental" high stick. When Markov hits the ice someone has to go after Williams. When they manhandle Huet someone has to take a run at Ward. Show some cajones for pity's sake or it'll be class dismissed.
I don't think that CLASSY is the right's more like TOO DAINTY or TOO INDIFFERENT or TOO MANY QUITTERS or TOO GUTLESS!

Yes, this is exactly what they need to do. Have some balls and stick up for each other...then finish their checks...what the heck was with all that curling back away from the boards everytime they had a guy lined up to finish their checks?

From all the series that I've seen so far, this series has got to be the most boring, passionless, slow paced display of ballet from both teams...and especially from blue, blanc et rouge... PATHETIC!

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