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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
No, you cannot apply my arguments to Gorges.

-- Gorges doesn't get the easiest minutes on the Habs, he gets the hardest minutes, the exact opposite situation.

Thats because he can't exploit the opposing team's weak units and score goals. What use in sending Gorges on the PP or vs the opposing 4th line? He can't shot nor pass if his life depended on it!

-- He does very well in this role. He's 25th in the league in +/- among defenseman, which is much better than 20th in the league for points among centers.

Its not. I refuse to believe Adam McQuaid (21th in +/-) is a better defensemen than Gorges

Oh and Desharnais is 25th in +/- amongst centers!

-- Desharnais gets a lot of PP time, we had the 3rd WORST PP in the league. Gorges gets a lot of PK time, we had the 2nd BEST PK in the league.

Are Pacioretty, Subban and Cole all useless as well? They get a lot of PP time and its a team game if I'm not mistaken.

-- If Tinordi and Beaulieu both succeed we will still have nearly the same needs for Gorges. There is no competition between Beaulieu and Gorges as they are different players. Tinordi could pair with Gorges. In comparison, there will be competition between Desharnais and Galchenyuk.

Galchenyuk will be first line center. Desharnais doesn't have to be one and as you said earlier centers can be moved to wing.
There you go.

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