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08-19-2012, 07:59 PM
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Originally Posted by Lonewolfe2015 View Post
I guess these are the quotes I should focus on, before mentioning that this entire discussion started because you clinged to the word "pinch" to mean he wasn't capable of playing the minutes. Whereas all I meant was he was not an ideal top pairing defenseman and was used in such a role on teams where it was required he play that role.
Glad you clarified your position. I don't agree with it, but at least it's not objectively wrong.

Supporting my argument that he was and is a #3 defenseman used as a #2 in a pinch, aka when the team is jammed and has no better #3 or a 2nd top pairing defender (assuming a team even has a top pairing defender, which for awhile NJ did not and arguably is still without).
That whole paragraph is a dangling participle. I'm not trying to be a grammar fiend here, it just doesn't say anything. Supporting your argument...what?

Now on the quotes. First, Lebrun claimed he was the best defenseman. Second, his would-be coach claimed he would have been the "most reliable", how does that support the notion he is a top pairing defender? It wasn't even posted after his play, it was posted before when the majority of team USA's defense was slated to be less tenured defenders that they were less familiar with.
You're right, it was Lebrun who said Martin was the best.

As for Wilson's quote, considering Rafalski and Suter were two other defensemen on the roster and indisputably top-pairing defensemen, I'd say the quote is pretty substantive.

The second quote was Burke claiming he was "one of" the best defenseman the US has. I would hope so if he was an expected Olympian. Still doesn't make him a top pairing defender.
There were several expected Olympians on the Team USA blueline. They were not all expected to be one of the best by their GM. How would that even be possible?

I'm not revising history at all. I live in New Jersey, I know the fans first hand. No one I knew was upset to see Martin leave. There's no need to use a search function. Do you have the same kind of first hand accountings perhaps?

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