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Originally Posted by jcpenny
U guys dont get it. Its not about genetics, its about work ethic. Some will get bigger faster, for others it takes more work which means u get in the gym like a mad man and u get stronger. Do u know Ribeiro personally to know that its genetics? And even if it was genetics, its a even better reason to to get in the gym more than often.
I agree whole heartedly with you.

When you work out, you are actually tearing your muscles. When you eat and rest, the body, muscles in particular in this case, repairs itself to be stronger, bigger and thicker than before so that the next time it is put under the same kind of stress, it won't tear again.

That is why diet is so important. Before the workout (tearing your muscles) you want high octane food which burns easily(carbohydrates) so that you can have more strength to tear your muscles. Then after you work out, you want to give your amino acids the means by which to repair the muscles by eating a lot of protein and getting plenty of sleep.

Genetics plays an important part in how your body reacts to body stresses and how it reacts to the intake of nutrients.

However, if you understand the mechanics, you see that Ribeiro really is not working hard to put on the pounds and gain strength since anyone can tear his muscles and anyone can build them back up.

True, it's just to varying degrees...but the variation is more in the shape of muscles that develop and only really at the higher end of bodybuilding spectrum where muscle definition and stridation (sp?), etc are important and not at gaining 30 pounds of muscle and adding some strength.

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