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08-19-2012, 09:45 PM
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Conference Standings


1.New Yorkk Rangers(wins Atlantic Division)
-with the addition of nash they now have the best top 6 in the league and an extremely dangerously offensive team. but they have a average bottom 6. and defense although good its still not as well rounded or as deep as other teams. they might be better than the canucks on paper but there division and conference has gotten better so i dont see them winning the presidents trophy.

2. Boston Bruins(wins North East Division)
-the bullies of the NHL there the top tier team in there division. more physical and a lot more rounded than other teams. rask is a question mark if he can handle a full season. other than that they are good too go.

3. Washington Capitals(wins South East Division)
-they started playing a lot better latter in the season and if there stars can stay healthy they have a god team. im still not sure about holtby. corey crawford had a great playoffs before he had a full season and now there looking for another goalie. but im going to have to go off the playoffs alone so i think there going to be alright.

4.Pittsburgh Penguins
- with crosby returning they now have the 2 best players in the world. they almost won the west last year without crosby but NYR upgraded there roster more and have a better top 6, defense and goaltending imo. they come 2nd points wise behind NYR but 4th due to divisional rankings

5. Buffalo Sabres
-they got off to an extremely rocky start and never seemed to overcome the hole that they have dug at the beginning of the year. they added a lot of good pieces and filled needs. if miller can get back to the top of his game like he was doing at the end of last season they are a good well rounded team.

6. Phillidelphia Flyers
-offense is great defense took a major hit regarding injuries and loosing some guys to FA. Mr.Universe(bryzgalov) is still a big mystery in net. i think he will have a better season but there team just doesnt look as good as last year and other teams have gotten better.

7. Ottawa Senators
-they have decent depth good top 6 and average defense. i think karlsson will have a big drop off of points and there overall team will drop a bit. spezza will dominate alfredsson`s age will catch up to him

8.Carolina Hurricanes
-they added a lot of pieces and have an explosive top 6 now. there defense is still sub par and depth is somewhat lacking.


9. Florida Panthers
-they lost a few good players(mainly garrison) but there young guns are coming up nicley i see them slot in a few positions but there team is still not good enough. if they get luo i woudld put them higher but with theo and clemmensen im not sure. theo gets injured and clemmensen is decent at best.

10. Winnipeg Jets
-there still missing a few key pieces to make this a playoff team. i think another top 6 winger and top 4 d-man and they will maybe even win the division. they did improve however.

11. New Jersey Devils
-they lost there captain and best player. i dont see them having a good enough team to even make the playoffs. i think brodeurs age will catch up on him and they will be left with no number 1 in net.

12. Tampa Bay Lightning
-they addressed there defense issues and got a goalie. however i dont think lindback is good enough to be a number one and i think he will falter. there forward lines arent the deepest either, with the lack of depth this team just isnt ready yet.

13. Toronto Maple Leafs
-goaltending needs to change if they want a playoff spot. there team lacks depth and structure. they dont have a number one center or a number one goalie. there defense is the only good part of the team imo.

14.Montreal Canadiens
-with no improvements to this roster see them do slightly better than last year. they need to rebuild.

15. New York Islanders
-this team just needs to let there young guns develop. there whole team just isnt good enough for the NHL at this point. in a few years when there young talent develops they will have a good team but for now there not good. and depietro sucks


1. Vancouver Canucks(wins NW division and presidents trophy)
-we are the deepest team in the west, if not the whole league and our goaltending and defense are great. we just need to stay healthy and we have another presidents trophy due to our weak division(tho the teams have improved) and many eastern teams getting better but western teams getting worse.

2. St. Louis Blues(wins central division)
-a great coach and defensive system along with great goaltending and a roster with a lot of depth really makes the blues a great team. i think the teams in there division have gotten worse while the blues have largely stayed the same.

3. LA Kings(wins pacific division)
-tho they did win the cup, you must not forget they barley made the playoffs. a full 82 game season can hurt this team, but they are the cup champs so they might surprise and dominate the regular season much like they did the post season.

4. Chicago Black-hawks
-there teams as a whole is great but the goaltending is still weak and a big concern. if they fix there goaltending i can see them winning there division as of now. they dont

5. San Jose Sharks
-there top 6 is great bottom 6 not so much. there depth will hurt them and goaltending is not great. i dont think they will have enough depth to do great this year but better than last year where they under performed. plus they filled some holes in the defense

6. Detroit Red-Wings
-with the loss of lindstrom they will undoubtedly falter but there team is still good enough to make the playoffs plus they are getting old so they fall a bit in the standings.

7. Minnesota Wild
-part of the reason they were so bad last year was most of there roster got injured so a heathy roster and the additions of both suter and parise will help them a lot and they will finally make the playoffs again.

8. Dallas Stars
-they added a lot to there team with veteran players and depth guys. i can see them finally squeaking into the post season.


9. Nashville Predators
-with the loss of suter and several other players i just dont see this team being good enough to get into the playoffs. they lost top 6 forwards and didnt add much to there team. rinne will steal a few games for them but i just see other teams getting better and this team getting worse.

10. Anaheim Ducks
-they did improve there team mainly on defense but if there stars under perform again i dont see them being playoff bound. depth is still a major issue they need to address and if hiller is good enough to get them to the post season.

11. Edmonton Oilers
-great youth on this team. they will compete in a few years but there defense is still not good. they need to fix there defense if they want to make the playoffs. forwards are great tho

12. Calgary Flames
-iginla and kipper are getting older and cant carry that team forever. they added some good pieces but they also lost some good pieces. i think this will be the breaking point there going to start rebuilding and trade away some players for young guns and picks.

13. Phoenix Coyotes
-they lost some guys who contributed heavily to there team and if doan leaves there even worse off. plus i think mike smith was a one hit wonder i dont think he will do aswell next year.

14. Colorado Avalanche
-a young team inexperienced and tho they did improve i still think they need more. looking at there defense and i see a bunch of 5th-6th d-men playing in there top 4. plus varlamov is still a question mark.i think they drop and look for another top 5 draft pick

15. Cloumbus Blue Jackets
-there defense looks good, goaltending and forwards not so much. they lost there top point producer and got a few guys that will even things out a bit but there still largely the same team as last year. maybe worse

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