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08-19-2012, 09:18 PM
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Originally Posted by DaveG View Post
so after some deliberation, this is what I'm leaning towards now lineup wise:

Steve Vickers - Robbie Ftorek - Marian Stastny
Anton Stastny - Cliff Ronning - Willi Plett
Sami Kapanen - Wayne Merrick - Tom Hooper
Dave Reid - Larry Patey - Wayne Presley

Bingo Kampman - Hy Buller
Tomas Kaberle - Mike Milbury
Igor Stelnov - Sergei Starikov

Cam Ward
Gilles Meloche

Steve Vickers - Robbie Ftorek - Marian Stastny
Tomas Kaberle - Hy Buller
(thought is with Buller acting as the trigger man much like McCabe did in Toronto frequently)

Anton Stastny - Cliff Ronning - Tom Hooper
Sami Kapanen - Sergei Starikov

Dave Reid - Larry Patey
Bingo Kampman - Mike Milbury

Robbie Ftorek - Wayne Presley
Igor Stelnov - Sergei Starikov

PK Spares (in case one of the PKers is in the box):
F Sami Kapanen, RW/D Tom Hooper, C Wayne Merrick, D Hy Buller

RW Alexei Morozov
LW/C Hib Milks
D Jaro Spacek
D Bob Plager

Morozov and Milks capable of coming off the bench and being in the top 6 if necessary, Spacek if we need another offensive dman, Plager if we need a more stay at home guy.

bios are available here for most of the guys:
Due to my work schedule will only get to do a couple assasinations but I wanted to do this team:

Line 1:

I've always liked Vickers, the guy was a decent scoring winger during his career. He looks like he'll be one of the lead offensive guys on this line, solid pick. Ftorek is the do everything guy on this line, kind of like a Theo Fleury, not very big but he'll do anything you ask of him. Marian was the 2nd best of the Statsny's, much like Vickers he'll be a good offensive player for you. Solid 1st line.

Line 2:

I thought long and hard about picking Anton Statsny in the ATD but decided against it, he's a great pick for this level. As is Cliff Ronning, both are able passers. Willi Plett adds a bit of grit to the line. I guess Anton will be the goal scorer here but the line could suffer from the lack of a true goal scorer.

Line 3:

Kapanen is a decent pick, his numbers won't immediately jump out at you but he was always a solid player. Like Kapanen Merrick's a good 2 way player. I like Tom Hooper as well, he should be the offensive catalyst of this line, he played a good 2 way game as well which will fit in well with Kapanen and Merrick. Solid line.

Line 4:

Dave Reid was one of the top PK guys of his era, solid pick. Larry Patey was a good defensive guy. Wayne Presley, the same more or less. Will be a good shutdown line for late in games.

Extra Forwards:

Morosov and Milks will be good guys for you coming off the bench. Maybe depending on the matchup you could put Morosov into the starting lineup ahead of Presley or Plett.

Defensive Pairing 1:

Both Kampman and Buller read as more defensive than offensive but from what I read on Buller he was a good passer so he'll probably be the offensive guy on this line. Solid pairing.

Defensive Pairing 2:

Kaberle and Milbury offer a clash of styles but I think both will work good together. Kaberle's one of the better offensive defenseman in this draft so I expect you to give him a lot of ice time on the power play. Milbury will prove to be an asset for you and I think he'll protect Kaberle quite well so that Kaberle do his thing, solid pairing.

Defensive Pairing 3:

Starikov and Stelnov read as a good pairing. Starikov was actually compared to Larry Robinson which is nothing to sneeze at. They should be a solid pair for you.

Extra Defensemen:

Spacek and Plager should provide good play for your team and be adequate replacements should one of you guys go down to injury.


Like me you drafted a modern goalie for your #1, Ward has played quite well over the course of his career and should be an adequate #1 for you here. Meloche will be an able backup, we drafted him in the 2010 AAA draft did we not?


Bill Dineen was one of the best WHA coaches of all time, he should be fine for your team.

Overall thoughts:

Good team you have drafted here, best of luck to you.

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