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Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
What team wouldn't be happy if an expected career AHL'er breaks through and puts up 60 points in the NHL?
It depends on the role.

If a defenseman or 2nd liner does that, you'd be ecstatic. If it's your 1st line center who gets 1st line linemates, PP opportunities, Ozone starts, privileged minutes, etc, then your value over replacement is much lower.

Originally Posted by lamp9post View Post
By the way, we're not winning the Stanley Cup this year.
Which is why I'm entirely focused on the long-term. I see this season as a means to an end, nothing more.

Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
That, and only 3 of the top10 NHL teams had a center with 70points or more. Half of them didn't have a center with 60 points or more.

5 best teams in the Eastern Conference by point totals:
Brad Richards had 66 points, and 25 of those were goals.
Tyler Seguin had 67 points, and 29 of those were goals.
Evgeni Malkin had 109 points.
Claude Giroux had 93 points.
Travis Zajac missed 67 games due to injury and then contributed in the playoffs, but he is not a 70 point center when healthy.

5 best teams in the Western Conference by point totals:
Henrik Sedin had 81 points.
The St-Louis Blues didn't have a center as offensively productive as Desharnais.
The Nashville Predators didn't have a center as offensively productive as Desharnais.
Pavel Datsyuk had 67 points, but he missed 12 games due to injury.
Jonathan Toews had 57 points and 29 goals, but he missed 22 games due to injury.

So basically out of 10 teams, at least 7 of them have 1st line centers that are offensively superior to Desharnais (Richards, Seguin, Malkin, Giroux, Sedin, Toews). Datsyuk and Toews only fell short of 70 points due to injuries. Seguin and Richards had 67 and 66 points, which you might naively think is very close to Desharnais' 62 points, but actually is much better due to a higher goals to assists ratio.

St-Louis, New Jersey, and Nashville didn't need a true 1st line center due to superior depth. That's 3 teams out of 10 that support your argument.

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