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Thanks for the review, I'll hopefully get a chance to return the favour.

Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post

The first line brings basically everything you need. Vanek is a strong goal-scorer, and Haynes and Ward provide more than enough playmaking to get the most of his abilities. Ward has physicality and two-way play, and Haynes has some defensive abilities as well. Just a well built line. On the second line, I like that you got a bodyguard of sorts in Sandford to protect the smaller Smith and Wiseman. I'm not sure how much I buy Don Smith here. What was his competition like in the FAHL, MHL, and OPHL? I don't think it was very good. And in his NHA seasons, his finishes aren't really that impressive. He seems like a bit of weak link. Sandford and Wiseman are a good combo, but I'm not sure Smith or even Zabrodsky are really a good option. I'm not sure what to think of the 3rd line. They're probably going to score more goals than most 3rd lines, but they have a little defensive ability with Sands and Sullivan. With the way you built your 4th line, I guess you can get away with that type of 3rd line. The 4th line is definitely your shutdown line. They won't score much, but they'll serve their purpose.
The way our team is built, we have solid two-way abilities on all 4 lines, so we aren't going to be very worried about hiding any of our forward lines. In most situations, we'll likely just go power vs power. In defensive zone face-offs against powerful lines, we'll likely mix and match to create a shut-down line. Sandford will move up to the Haynes line of down to the Marchant line in most situations.

As for Donald Smith, he's defiantely the weakest player in our top-6, but if you compare him to all the other 2nd line centers, he stands up very well. His peak probably wasn't as high as some others, but he was one of the premier players for a decade. Over that 10 year span (1907-1916), he scored at a goal-per-game pace. 191 goals in 185 games. Just to take a random player of that era, Joe Malone scored 161 goals in 131 games in that same timefame.

In the NHA and PCHA, his percentages vs. #1 were surprisingly resppectable: 88, 71, 70, 62, 44, 42 (and if you account for major outliers, that 44 becomes 70)


This is a solid first pairing. You've done what you can to get the most out of Mike Green's unique skillset pairing him with Buswell. I'd still feel hesitant putting this pairing out in tough situations at the end of games, despite the fact that Buswell is one of the best stay at home defensemen in the draft. I like the 2nd pairing as well. Two solid but unspectacular guys that can bring enough puckmoving ability while still being strong in their own zone. I'm very impressed with Scott Hannan's TOI finishes. I had no idea he was that relied upon, especially on those Sharks teams in the mid 2000s. He's an embarrassment of riches on a 3rd pairing, and complements Streit well. This might be the best defensive unit overall in the entire draft, and is definitely a strong point for this team.
You're not the only one who wouldn't trust Mike Green in key defensive situations. He won't be out there!


Moran is near the top in terms of starters, and Lemelin is a very good backup as well. Lemelin might be a better goalie than some starters here.
I don't see any goalies in this draft who can challenge Moran for the top spot.

Maybe I'm biased, but here is why I'm thinking that: 15 years as a starting goalie, 2 Stanley Cups, loads of contemporary sources to support his greatess and stardom, and documented clutch play.

Special Teams

Very strong first PP unit, but the 2nd unit lacks punch IMO. I'd consider splitting up Streit and Green in order to guarantee that the 2nd unit has a strong PPQB. PK units look pretty good, mostly thanks to your strong defensemen.
That's fair.

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