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Originally Posted by Devil Dancer View Post
Depends on the situation. At pickup I'm very supportive of noobs, and do my best to pass to them, talk to them, and give them tips when appropriate.

It's a little different in league games. Even if a new player is doing everything right, I am less likely to pass to that person because the newer players tend to flub passes and make turnovers. It's not out of spite, disrespect, or anything like that, it's just that we like to win, so I tend to pass to players who are more likely to make a smart/effective play with the puck. I generally enjoy playing with everyone, and I certainly will pass to new players at times, I'm just somewhat less likely to do so in any given situation.
Kind of surprised to hear a comment like this, although I respect the honesty. I personally don't think the desire to "win?" should alter a decision to make the smartest hockey play. I'm unsure how someone actually has the time to plan who is good enough to be gifted with a pass.

I (and the vast majority I'm sure) could care less what skill level you are when we go to score or prevent a goal. I keep my head up looking for every teammate on the ice. If I have no shot trust me keep your stick on the ice and get open cause it's coming your way.

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