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Originally Posted by durojean View Post
It's a shame that people don't seem to realize that Desharnais wasn't given the two best player of the team. They both were slumping under a different center than him and that's why he got them.

Plekanec is more of a loner... Or a follower but he never made his winger better like Desharnais or Koivu did.

If Kovy was good then he produced. If Cammy was good then he produced abd the same thing with Gionta.

At the end of the season Plekanec played with Leblanc and Cammalleri and the line really wasn't good. When DD played with the same player they produced.

Some of you were so sure he would fail that you were just rooting against Desharnais and have never what he accomplished in his first full season.

And the when he did all that and established himself as our better center. People were searching for excuses.

Imagine Eller with these line mates.

They have all the good chances.

Plekanec is so much better two year ago he had a 39 point season... Oops sorry didn't want to bring that up. He was great with Cammalleri the year after that.

Now let's compare Plekanec and Desharnais's first full season.

Don't need to do that Desharnais had like 20 more points than Plekanec.
wrong, it's when Cammy was put with Plekanec that he started producing in his first season with us...

and after a dozen or so game the second season he was a Habs, slumping Gionta was put on Plekanec line... guess what happened to said slump?

Plekanek first full season : 23 years old
DD first full season : 25 years old

at the age DD had its first full season (25 yo), Plekanec was having a 69 pts season...

so, using your own logic, DD is what, a 4th line C, maybe 3rd ?

but we get the point, Plekanec sucks and DD is a god!

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