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Originally Posted by FlyingKostitsyn View Post
What teams with better centers than Desharnais that did worse than the Habs? Or is it not obvious yet that having a PPG no1 center with a good goal to assist ratio is only one piece in having a winning team?

The one thing that worked well on the team and its the first line and the three players that made it. Desharnais has always worked well no matter who he played with, yet Pacioretty struggled at times and established himself as a solid producer and goal scorer once he got to play with Desharnais. Cole struggled with Plekanec but played better with Desharnais than he ever did with Eric Staal. Cammalleri only looked good last year on the few occasions he played with Desharnais. Two years ago Desharnais played at 0.5ppg pace with minimal ice time and Mathieu Darche. Desharnais is one of the last pieces we'd ever need to replace if we want to get better. When you buy an used car you don't start by replacing the pieces that are functioning well and were recently replaced.

Your arguments relies solely on the statistics that show he was sheltered compared to Plekanec yet what does that prove or show? How can we know the real impact of this sheltering on his stats? I don't see anyone claiming Pacioretty and Cole are flukes either, yet they shared the same ice time with Desharnais.

Furthermore in all this you fail to account that Desharnais is still young and keeps progressing, talking as if he plateaued. Last year his detractors would claim he was a liability that should go back to the AHL, that he wouldn't keep up in the NHL, that he was lucky and didn't deserve PP ice time over Gomez even. People would point out his inability to win faceoffs as part of his ''defensive inaptitude". The next year, his first complete season, he improved his faceoffs to nearly the same level as Plekanec, centered our best line and was top3 in points on the team with the third best +/- rating. Other than Pacioretty no other player in this team or system has grown as much as Desharnais in that lapse of time.
he'll be 26 when season starts, yes he's young, but it's not like he has that many years to improve or anything...

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