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08-20-2012, 06:43 AM
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Originally Posted by garret9 View Post
Not so sure... Looking at how Noel uses players he usually only changed line ups much during:
Our terrible losing streaks
At the end where he was double shifting Wheeler a lot

I'm almost certain that the lineup will start as:

This makes most sense with how Noel uses his lines: the first line and third line splits the tough minutes but 1st gets the OZ starts and the 3rd gets the DZ starts.
Ladd, Little, and Wheeler do well against tough minutes as strong possesion players (and can still get decent scoring as a community). Kane does ok; Joki scores lots but they score back lots; Wellwood always plays better sheltered. Poni probably does better as a 3rd liner than anyone else on our team could with tough mins and lots of DZ starts; Antro and Burmi also play decent with shutdown roles.

So given their talents and how Noel uses the lines this is most optimal, especially at home with last shift change.
I pretty much agree that will be the Jets top three lines going into the season. Except I would call the first two: 2a) and 2b) The Pens have a 1a) and 1b) not us. We really don't have the players for a real #1 line. Kane no doubt one day at LW, but not quite ready yet. A argument can be made for Wheels at RW but Joki is as close to a #1 centre as we got.

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