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08-20-2012, 08:50 AM
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Listening to 980 this morning I will say it is refreshing to hear how quality players like Banks, Briscoe, Morris, etc... might not make the team. There are some interesting roster spots to keep track of. Here are my thoughts on offensive.

QB: Based on Cousins performance against scrubs Saturday does Grossman make the team? I say no, but Grossman probably will hang around.

My guess: Griffin, Grossman, and Cousins are on the team week 1.

RB: Alfred Morris looks like a RB prospect that should be kept around, but does that mean the Skins keep for RB's? Depends on how other positions shake out on offense like WR, TE, and OL.

My guess: Hightower, Royster, and Helu are on the team week 1. The Skins will try to stash Morris on the practice squad. Hope he makes it.

TE: Sleepy makes the team, but after him who is kept at TE to back him up? Cooley is the best TE blocker, Paul is an interesting prospect and special teams contributor, and Paulson is a solid 3rd TE and special teams contributor as well. Paulson looked good and Paul is worth keeping around, IMO. Cooley might be the odd man out. Darrell Young's health at FB could save Cooley though.

My guess: Sleepy, Cooley, and Paulson at TE with Paul maybe getting stashed on practice squad.

WR: Wow what a toss up. Garcon, Morgan, Moss and Hankerson are locks, IMO. So how many WR's does the Skins keep? Robinson and Banks have the inside track to grab the last WR spots, but what about Briscoe?

Despite his return for a TD on Saturday, I still can't see how Banks makes the team unless he somehow turns into an NFL caliber WR. With so much young talent fighting for roster spots, Banks has to contribute at WR. He has to. Morgan and Robinson can return kicks.

My guess: Garcon, Morgan, Moss, Hankerson, and Robinson make the team. Only 5 WR's based on needs at other positions.

OL: Have limited thoughts on OL right now based on injuries and the number of backups looking to make an impact. LeRiebus and Gettis make the team, IMO. Hurt hasn't impressed me at LG so far. OL should be clearer after pre-season game #3.

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