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Originally Posted by Frankie Spankie View Post
I'm going to be starting the original Darksiders soon. I got it with the THQ pack on Steam and never played it, I never even really heard anything about it. I had a couple people just recently tell me it was like a demonic Zelda game and it got me really excited. Hopefully the PC port isn't all that bad.
It's only that it's very very lacking in terms of options that you would otherwise expect from PC Games

Having said that, both games run soooo smooth that it makes you forgive it

The combat is so satisfying in both games, but the combat in the 2nd one is even better

But ya the first one is definitely a ''Demonic Zelda'' it's everything you would expect from a Zelda game, Dungeons, Puzzles in said Dungeons, Horseback Riding, Acquired Items that open up new ways and make you go back to places you've already went to once you get them

The stories are actually really good too, i'm a fan of christian mythology or whatever when it's told in a fantasist manner and not taken seriously

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