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08-20-2012, 08:53 AM
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Originally Posted by KingBogo View Post
I pretty much agree that will be the Jets top three lines going into the season. Except I would call the first two: 2a) and 2b) The Pens have a 1a) and 1b) not us. We really don't have the players for a real #1 line. Kane no doubt one day at LW, but not quite ready yet. A argument can be made for Wheels at RW but Joki is as close to a #1 centre as we got.
Tad off topic and I think we'd just be arguing over symantics but I'm still going to argue against this one (I'll just do points and point rates for now... I'll put possession up here later):

#Ladd - 17th in goals and 12th in ES goal scoring rate for LW makes him a league average 1st line goal scorer
#Little - 16th in goals and 38th* in ES goal scoring rate for C makes him a league average-weak 1st line goal scorer
#Wheeler - 5th in assists and 6th in ES primary assists rate for RW makes him an elite 1st line playmaker/setup man

#Kane - 14th in goals and 5th in ES goal scoring rate for LW makes him a league an elite 1st line goal scorer
#Jokinen - 20th in goals, 19th in assists and 43rd* in ES goal scoring rate, and 79th* in ES primary assists scoring rate for C makes him a league strong 2nd line goal scorer and an average 2nd line playmaker/setup man with strong 1st line PP skills (thats where a lot of his additional points came from)
#Wellwood - 26th in assists and 30th in ES primary assists rate for RW makes him a weak 1st line playmaker/setup man

***Jokinen's and Little's scoring/assist rates are deflated due to having players in centre that aren't supposed to be (ex: E.Kane).

Looks like it could be a 1a) and 1b) if used appropriately... we just don't have name brand power with "superstars".

Back on topic:
I really don't know about Wellwood. Apparently he is training hard this offseason, which is a first in his life. His career high shooting % and team-leading secondary assists were overly high but, if he is indeed on a line with Kane and Jokinen for the full year, I can see him putting up similar points (but still unlikely)... if he gets pushed down to third by either Burmi or Antro I would make it a forsure thing he fails to reach them.

Possession stats:
#Ladd - 10th for CorsiOn and 2nd for CorsiRel for LW
#Little - 24th for CorsiOn and 16th for CorsiRel for C
#Wheeler - 17th for CorsiOn and 11th for CorsiRel for RW

#Kane - 27th for Corsi and 22nd for CorsiRel for LW
#Jokinen - *** see bellow
#Wellwood - 11th for CorsiOn and 6th for CorsiRel for RW

*** Jokinen, when not on the PP, was mostly used how we used Slater (lots of defensive zone starts against tough quality of competition), which is why I suggest him being placed on the second line at first under sheltered minutes and then pushing him up with streaks/injuries, much like we did last year with Kane

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