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12-04-2003, 06:12 AM
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Originally Posted by xauxi
DB, I have noticed that there have been a series of young, talented players who came to the Oilers. They played great for awhile, then all tailed off (it is a long list so I will let you figure out). Why? Do you have the answer for why the best or good players suddenly become mediocre? I have the answer... Once they have got hooked to MacT's system, their performance gets downward. I will not give you any proof because there are too many cases like that (inluding Smyth, Comrie, Brewer, Horcoff......long long list). So... do you think MacT's system is suitable for young players? I doubt it. Look at those trends and reason out for yourself. Or perhaps you va better answer for my question? Thank you.
Oh man... a long list of players?

like Josh Green, Dominic Pittis, Jochen Hecht, Cleary, Swanson, Sean Brown, etc... who have gone on to do absolutely nothing in any other system?

There is no long list of players. Smyth's performance under Mac-T has been as good as it ever was when he played with Weight (plus he has gotten hurt alot). Comrie's entire NHL career has been under Mac-T's "system", and he had a much better than expected year in his first full season (and probably would have had similar numbers if he didn't get hurt last year).

So that is 2 off your list, leaving Horcoff and Brewer, and even they are iffy, because Horcoff had his best year last year (under Mac-T's system), and Brewers best years were under Mac-T's system.

Sorry, you are fishing in the wrong lake.

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