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08-20-2012, 11:03 AM
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Originally Posted by cfrancis View Post
Red Racer is just starting to show up now as a regular item in Ontario. I grabbed a case a couple of months ago and just finished it off this weekend at the boys cottage weekend.

It's a fabulous beer.

But you guys are scaring me with this talk of them pulling out of AB. I hope that Ontario isn't on the cutting room floor.

I haven't had anything from your box yet. I was gone for the weekend and only had ****** keg beer and my Red Racer to give me a pick me up every three or four beers.
That's a solid ass pick me up for sure. I love the way the suds lace the glass. Haven't seen a beer that does it as well as the Red Racer, most other beers will stick around for a bit and then dissapate after a bit. The Red Racer lace just stuck around and I probably sipped on it over a 90-minute period.

As for them pulling out of AB they did so back in April or May. So if they haven't pulled out of ON yet then I wouldn't worry about it. Still have no idea why they pulled out of AB and they never respond to any tweets asking such a question either.

After tasting this fabulous IPA I wonder what their ESB tastes like. That's a style that when done right is phenomenal otherwise it just ends up being okay to whatever.

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