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Originally Posted by OrrOverGretzky View Post
I think the battle is more owner vs owner than it is NHL vs NHLPA.

When the top revenue producing teams increase their revenue each year and don't spend the increase in cap because a) the bottom line is more important or b) they are already near the cap they are also forcing the smaller market teams with a stagnant growth in revenues or already losing money to spend more money because of the increase in cap floor.

So the teams making the big bucks are all for the players receiving a lower HRR and the NHL's proposal because they don't have to increase revenue sharing and it's even more money for their pockets. The teams at the bottom wouldn't be seeing any more profit, they'd just be seeing less of a loss. Which is why they would prefer the NHLPA's offer because with their proposed revenue sharing, there'd be a more level playing field and less teams operating in the red.

Agent Alan Walsh has already said he's talked to some higher up execs of those smaller market/money losing teams and they are all for the NHLPA proposal with the exception of the numbers.

A lot of the smaller issues have already been dealt with in sub-committee level and there is agreement on them. And once the big market teams start losing their huge profits, they'll either cave or force the hand of the smaller guys. And then a deal should come quickly with the smaller issues already being dealt with.

Good points OOG, probably Donald Fehr's strategy all along to highlight the differences between the small and large market teams, appeal to both sides and watch them fight amongst themselves. I just want this resolved but the only thing I can't live with is a luxury tax. I can't watch a league where 6 out of 30 teams have a huge advantage and compete for a championship every year.

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