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08-20-2012, 10:32 AM
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Originally Posted by RangerBoy View Post
Ryan McDonagh was rated 36th in THN's top 50 players list. 7th best D in the NHL. You want that guy playing in the AHL during a lockout?

Snider and Jacobs will have to realize there won't be a season played without increased revenue sharing. Fehr took the baseball players out on strike in 1994 when not that many people thought he would that late in the season. They missed the playoffs. Spring training was delayed. They played a 144 game season in 1995. Not 162. Snider and Jacobs will be around when all of the current players have retired. Fehr and Bettman will be retired. Do they want a healthy 30 team league? These jokers are talking about expansion. Another team in Toronto. Seattle. Quebec City. Some of these teams would rather pay a bad contract than pay the equivalent of a bad money into revenue sharing. Philly and Boston didn't know how 35 plus contracts worked so why would anyone be surprised about them not knowing how revenue sharing works.

Snider and Jacobs don't have Alan Eagleson around anymore to screw over the players.

The ball is in Bettman's court. He is already the only commissioner in pro sports to preside over a league which missed an season due to labor issues. He's a joke.
bettman is a joke? i dunno, hes making the ppl he represents a lot of money...that would be the big market teams who account for basically 90% of the NHL's revenue.

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