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08-20-2012, 10:46 AM
Not so fast,
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Luckily, I found some D-level drop-in times and that saved hockey for me. Then I wasn't the only one who would flub passes or miss the net.
I used to feel really bad that I would miss passes, my shots would go wide or be easily blocked by the goalie, etc.

Then I started watching the other players on the first line, in the NHL, etc. Every single one of them misses passes, has a bad shot, etc. sometimes. Every single one of them falls sometimes. So I got over it, and while I realize that I may miss MORE passes and MORE shots than an advanced player, it's also not the end of the world that it seems like when it happens! I also get catch the passes from time to time, and I'm pretty good at being where I'm supposed to be. The one benefit of being so new is that a lot of times I do get written off by the other team which leaves me wide open for a pass.

The problem is, you tend to focus more on the missed/flubbed ones than the good ones - unless the good one leads to a goal! I know that I've been able to block passes and get possession for my team, I've passed it along and nothing came of it. But those times don't stick out in my head as much as the times where I made a bad pass, missed a pass or a shot, and then the other team got the puck.

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