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08-20-2012, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Stewie Griffin View Post
I guess it depends - if someone's financial analysis shows that the Flames won't make money in the next 8 years, and they can sell the team at a profit, then it still makes sense to sell. You'd also think it has to be a bit mentally draining on the prospects to play in front of... nobody.

It could easily boil down to sell now and walk away with some money, walk away 8 years from now and break even - and still have to find a new home, or stay, and eat some big losses.

As for a potential relocation for the team... Saskatoon.
Yeah the city covering any shortfall is likely to just help the team break even.

If the team stands to make a profit closer to home, then they should be relocated.

Saskatoon would make a lot of sense or even Regina, Lethbridge has been mentioned as well.

All seem like reasonable locations, I have a feeling they would sell a ton of tickets in Saskatchewan though.

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