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12-04-2003, 06:21 AM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Habnot you should delete your last post. I don't know on which planet you're living or what stuff you take, but you are making a delirium of paranoļa about the french media conspiration and the Theodore clique. I told it before, it's BS. I must admit you have a good talent with inventing stories. You could have a successful career in writing scenarios for Hollywood. The problem is that you really beleive your paranoid ideas.

If I was on your place, I would be embarassed. And please don't start talking about politics.
I think he may have a point.

Bergeron, Tremblay and Cloutier are friends with Theodore. They go out golfing regularly during the summer. Bergeron said so very often on 110%. It is a well known fact.

Another fact is that A LOT of crap has been said on Koivu by those same people. And it's hard to understand why because Koivu has been the most consistent habs players over the past 7-8 seasons. At least when he is healthy. As for Theodore he didn't train enough and partied all summer (Theo himself admitted it) after getting this huge contract. He disrespected Savard, the fans and his teamates yet you'd NEVER hear that from the mouth of Bergy, Tremblay, Rinfret and co. Why ? Because they are his friends. When Theo wasn't playing well last year they'd just shrug and say that the reason why the team wasn't performing was Koivu's lack of leadership. But last year Koivu was producing at a very good pace without real 1st liners (I'm not sure I consider last year Zednik as a legit 1st line winger) so they didn't have much of a point bashing him. Now at the beginning of the season before training camp Koivu had not signed yet. First thing you were hearing was that captains weren't supposed to do that, bla bla bla. He never missed a day of training camp SO BIG DEAL ! 2 years ago when Theo signed at around the same date than Koivu did we hear such crap ? No it was Savard must sign Theo. Not the other way around. Then Koivu gets injured first game of the pre-season. He misses a good part of the action and can't really get in game shape. So when he comes back he is not nearly as productive because he's a little rusty. It didn't take long before those clowns over at 110% made a show to despise Koivu's lack of scoring and leadership abilities.

Those are all facts. Koivu has to be freakin' perfect or questions are raised VERY quickly. But Theo can be crappy for a whole year after signing a huge contract and it doesn't matter. Now if you consider that Koivu is receiving the same treatment than Theo by the guys at 110% you are the one living on another planet.

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