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08-20-2012, 12:01 PM
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Originally Posted by 2faded View Post
I would be okay with a younger line. Idk why you would put Maroon on it instead of DSP. Maroon has shown nothing in the NHL.
Maroon-Holland-Palmieri (the referenced line) These three played together in SYR and scored in bunches. The chemistry is already there with Holland and Palmieri. Maroon had a try out with the Twins, but it seemed like they were off in chemistry. And by putting Maroon on the second line allows me to put DSP on the fourth line to make an actual shutdown line with some scoring potential with Bonino as the center.

Originally Posted by 2faded View Post
How exactly does Ryan not have chemistry with the twins? IIRC, they were the best line in the league at one point. If anything, and im sure someone will dig up some stats and prove me wrong, Ryan seems like the odd man out because Getz and Perry always look for each other first imo. At times, I thought Ryan was kinda left out of the play when they did play together. Or maybe it was on purpose because as much as I love Ryan, he would already be scoring 45 goals/yr if he didnt have horrible finishing ability.

However, I Prefer your second lineup with DSP and Palmieri being switched.
This off-season Ryan was complaining about wanting a line of his own so he doesn't have to play under the shadow of the Twins. And at an off-season presser for season ticket holders, Getz commented about not having the right type of player on the LW to play with him and Perry. Getz wants a winger that likes to grind and cycle. Ryan is similar to Teemu as in a dangling sniper than a power forward even though Ryan is built like a power forward.

As for Palmieri playing with Getz-Pears, see the Ryan reason why Palmieri shouldn't. That isn't Palmieri's game to grind and cycle, but that is DSP's game and he loves to hit. Palmieri is 5'10" and 191 lbs. DSP is 6' and 211 lbs.

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