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Originally Posted by Symon Asher View Post
Population/income size means nothing if people aren't interested as LI has shown the last 30 years.

Go to any rink in Long Island. People wearing Ranger Merchandise out numbers Islander Merchandiser 2:1.

I have been to 2 parties in Long Island over the summer talking hockey to people, very few were Islander fans.

The majority of the long Island population could give a rats ass about the Isles

Brooklyn is our best hope
No, WINNING is our best hope. A joke in Queens/Brooklyn (Ranger Country) won't do anything but bring the punchline to their neighborhood. Yet a winning team in Uniondale, Commack, Flushing or Atlantic Yards will draw interest. You have to WIN.

Now, having said that, the way to WIN is to go where the MONEY IS.

That means Wang sells to Brooklyn's Ratner or he makes less money than in Nassau. Wang sells to Wilpon or he makes less money in Queens. Wang gets a partner and goes to a Queens or Suffolk locale and he'll be alright (NO WAY can he afford to partner with Ratner! What did the building cost and how much more to retrofit the rink dimensions - if they ever decide to make a perfect basketball arena into a hockey arena too?).

So that leaves Nassau - fix the building or build new, Wang can stand alone as owner. So.....does Wang sell or partner or does he stay in Nassau? By the look of the new seats and modest improvements done for free (as far as Wang is concerned, aside from the lockerroom, he's getting Nassau to pay the money they should have long ago), it looks like Nassau.....but does it look like a winning team?

Only if the rookies pan out - or Snow quits.

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