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Originally Posted by DG View Post
Gotta love HF - guy leaves for personal reasons so that makes him an *******, naturally.

Key part: Next to no one (myself included) knows why he left. So naturally, the next logical step is to baselessly bash the guy.

For all you know, he had cancer and he's just a private person. Unlikely, yes, but the fact remains - nobody actually knows.

Anyways, would be a great story if he could make it back to the bigs. I hope he can.
Nah, that doesn't fly with me. Very few posts in this thread defending him does. Or, I don't know what made him leave, but unless the nature of the reason he bolted is very sensetive (what do I know, like something that typically is very hard to talk about), that's atleast the case.

He is a public person in the entetainment business, by his own choice.

If Henrik Lundqvist played 8 games for my favorite team, the NYR, this upcoming season, and then just left and never returned to the NHL, I would actually feel that the decent thing for him to do is to tell his fans why he left. I don't buy the right to privacy BS thrown around. You stand up for the choices you make by my book, and when you sign up to play in the NHL and is paid millions for it, you give up some small parts of your right to privacy. And just "quitting" without saying why is, under most circumstances, one of the rights you do give up.

I do feel that he is entitled to leave.

I do not feel that he is entitled to leave without telling his fans why he left...

Unless, of course, the nature of the reason for why he left is very sensetive. Like, he wakes up one day and remebers being molested or whatever, sure, he got a right to not say that. Then he should sent out a presser saying like "I am leaving, the reason for it is very tough to talk about and I am grateful if you, the fans and media, accept that I will not answer questions about it. I hope to return one day. You have all been great to play for, and I am sorry that it has to end this way and that I let my team down. Bye."

And if its a mix of depression, fights with his GF, not having the motivation, and whatever, by my book, stand up and say so then.

So yeah, its not acceptable that he bolted without saying why he left...

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