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04-29-2006, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien
FWIW, I would suggest that Ribeiro has gained AT LEAST 20-25 lbs since his draft. Watching him at the Bob, I sometimes lost sight of him when he turned sideways. No way he was much more than 150 back then. Probably got down into the 140's at times. So if he's up to 175 now, that is some gain.

But really, I don't care too much either way. It's not the size that counts. We've had lots of players in lots of eras who didn't weight 175 lbs, and they managed to have nice careers. I don't think it's holding Ribeiro back at all. He's fine at his weight AFAIC.

If I remember correctly, Ribeiro was listed at 168 pounds during his rookie season... 4-5 years later and he has only added 10 pounds???
That has nothing to do with genetics. With the resources at his disposal, and the abumdance of offseason time to spend on training, he could easily be up around 190-195, no matter how naturally "skinny" he is.

He is an elite professional athlete... His JOB is to be at his absolute physical peak... Ribeiro clearly does not take his job seriously enough.

All he needs to do is take a look at a guy like Begin, or Rod Brindamour... those guys "get it".

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