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Originally Posted by Jonathan. View Post
I don't think there is a more overrated defensive player than Subban (merely talking about his defense, here). He's solid defensively, but he's nothing spectacular. ****, the Rangers have four guys alone better than him on the defensive side (Staal, McDonagh, Girardi and Sauer). I like the guy's game quite a bit and I think he gets **** on a lot on this board for being a Canadien, but let's not sit there and make him out to be something amazing defensively.

I think his skating actually makes up for a lot of his defensive mistakes since he can get in position quite a bit quicker than most.

I don't think he's bad at all defensively. I think he's actually quite good. Just not great as some like to think.
Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Seriously, watch P.K. more often...

He's (I'd say) the best 1 on 1 dman in the league, and all that talk about him being a defensive liability with his bad decision ??!?!? WHERE IN THE HECK DID YOU SEE THAT ???

P.K. has two flaws:
1. He need's to get his shot back, he was taking bad slapper all nights.. This was one of his strenght in his rookie season... He'll get it back with a healthy Markov.
2. Off ice. (Not that it's a big deal.. But it would still be cool if he got his act together..)
You two meet in the middle, right now

Both of you have a point.
PK is awesome one on one while playing D
PK is also the most penalized player in the league last season when it came down to minor penalties.
There are times, he rushes the puck or makes a bad play and ends up overplaying to make amends and takes a penalty for it. He does a lot of high risk plays in comparison to other players. When he plays it as he envisions, it's spectacular

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