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08-20-2012, 02:17 PM
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^Wrong. This is long, but here is why.

Assuming the sixers re-sign Bynum, they won't be players in free-agency in the near future.

Next summer, they will have Bynum re-sign at about 20 million. Thad, Hawes, J-Rich, Kwame, Allen, Moultie are guaranteed about 29 million. With Bynum, that is approx 49 million without counting ET's option and qualifying Jrue. ET alone would bring us near the cap. Jrue would have, I believe, an 8 million caphold. That is nearly 65 million. Having caproom next summer without renouncing Bynum is not very realistic.

The following summer, 2014, is not likely either. Bynum is assumed to be making over 20 million. Bynum, Thad, and J-Rich together make approx 38 million going into that summer. They will probably have Jrue on the books for at least 10 million and ET will have a caphold.

If they are committed to Jrue and ET, then they won't build much through free-agency. It will likely be trades.

40. What does renouncing a player mean?

As detailed in question number 37, free agents continue to be included in team salary. By renouncing a player, a team gives up its right to use the Larry Bird, Early Bird, or Non-Bird exceptions (see question number 25) to re-sign that player. A renounced player no longer counts toward team salary, so teams use renouncement to gain additional cap room. Teams are still permitted to re-sign renounced players, but only with cap room or an exception other than the Bird exception.

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