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08-20-2012, 03:06 PM
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Originally Posted by alternate View Post
you keep missing the elephant in the room that just because YOU give Luongo this ridiculous value doesn't mean that's actually his value. You keep saying he's our most valuable asset or most tradeable asset, yet we're how many months into this saga and he hasn't been traded yet. The dots just don't connect, no matter how many times you spin them.

Generally, I applaud Gillis's patience. I mean if it wasn't for Gillis's patience, Schneider would have been dealt at a trade deadline sometime over the past couple of years. But at some point even Gillis is going to have to acknowledge that his asking price is too high and start considering the options on the table. Value is what you can get, not what you feel you should get based on fantasy and pixie dust.

At this point, it seems pretty unlikely Gillis is ever going to get this mythical "fills all our holes" return for Luongo. Time to settle for improving our depth and asset pool.
Why? Just because you don't like Luongo?! If the value he brings to this team is greater than what we can get for him in a trade, wouldn't you agree that it would be stupid to trade him??

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