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08-20-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by FissionFire View Post
You've seriously overestimated the teams which would sell.....

Phoenix has had 97pts or more the last 3 years and won their division last season. They ADDED already with the Michalek trade. They won't be selling off players, especially with new ownership. Best way to make sure a fanbase will hate you forever is to buy a team and immediate dismantle a winner.

Florida won their division last season and are on the way up. They aren't selling Jovo.

Nashville isn't in any financial trouble and their new owner has stated on many occasions that they can and will spend to the cap so money isn't an issue.

The Devils just made it to the finals and lost their captain. They are a perennial team that spends to the cap. That isn't going to change.
Hold your horses on Phoenix. They do not yet have a new owner, and with the CBA meltdown in progress that whole deal is in jeopardy. I think the worst case scenario for that franchise is they are sold to some entity that will relocate the team, in which case they could actually become sellers to dump salary. If they remain in Phoenix, then they probably will retain the talent they have.

Regarding Nashville, they are losing money every season now. Nashville is hoping / counting on the new CBA to cure that. If there is not a significant amount of additional revenue sharing and/or salary rollbacks, they very well could become sellers.

Finally on NJ, I think the change is already under way... just like it is here in Detroit. We no longer spend to the cap every year. If the talent isn't there, why do it? I do agree they the Devils are unlikely to become sellers, though.

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