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12-04-2003, 06:40 AM
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Originally Posted by slats432
I have been critical of MacT, but that goes with the territory. I do not endorse his firing.

A couple things.
I think the Reasoner injury has been costly.
I think that the Comrie situation could have been settled by now. (And that no offer on the table B.S. gets me to believe that Kevin maybe looking for a home run rather than a double. Make me GM for 2 hours and I would have a good offensive player here.)

Chicago sucks....Comrie, 2nd and Luoma for Calder or Bell.
Isles suck...Comrie, Horcoff, 3rd for Parrish.
Phoenix sucks...Comrie, Rita, 3rd for Langkow.

Gotta add more? Add more.

The exercise dictates that in Oilers fans eyes, I am overpaying. When I get the quality player in return, the deal is justified by saying...this is the market, and we got a player that we wanted.

In any negotiation a deal can be made when the resolve is there to get it done. When you have assets you have to maximize them. Lowe can facilitate a trade whenever he wants. He just has to be willing to pay the price.

MacT isn't a fantastic coach, but he is decent(Aside from the line juggling.) And the ability to add a top 6 forward is there and some of the posters here share the Kevin Lowe philosophy that he is going to make a holdout pay.

OK...well remember this one thing...and I think Kevin Lowe is forgetting this...he has made personal a business transaction. Teaching Comrie a lesson is personal. Maximizing the asset is business. You can tell which way Lowe is leaning.
If Comrie gets what he wants, but Lowe doesn't get what he wants, Comrie wins, and that does Lowe no good what so ever. He is using the power that the CBA has given him. You want to make your own team better, and at the same time you don't want to make your opponents better, because that ends up hurting you.

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