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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Well I'm all about wanting to see the best team on the ice and wanting to win a Stanley cup. I couldn't give a crap about the media, and I can check my bias at the door when it comes to players I like and players I don't. I accept that we are built around playoff flake forwards. I'm not suggesting a full blown rebuild, I'm suggesting working with what we have, and adding pieces that help this team win a cup. As such, we need to address our lousy offense. If Luongo comes back on fire and you can get an impact forward for Schneider then it makes sense to make that move to win a Cup.

If you don't make moves with the Stanley Cup in your mind, then what the hell are you doing?
Then he is traded to address our "lousy offense".

You really need accept the fact that Luongo's days as a Canuck are numbered & that even if he out performs Schneider that he is not in our future plans. The sooner you do the easier it will be for you when he is traded & the smoother these threads will go.

You have to think Schneider was re-signed with the knowledge that he would be our starting goalie & the goalie we are going with from now on, what does that say about our GM if he goes back on his word like that?

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