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Originally Posted by y2kcanucks View Post
Well I'm all about wanting to see the best team on the ice and wanting to win a Stanley cup. I couldn't give a crap about the media,
Well as has been mentioned we're not talking about simply assembling the best roster EA sports style - otherwise we would have waived Luongo to Columbus and let them give us Rick Nash or a package of great young players - we are talking about the real world, and in the real world Roberto Luongo has come out and said in the media that it's time to move on and that the Canucks are now pretty openly talking about moving him.

The writing is on the wall, and the end of Roberto Luongo's tenure as a Canuck is near even if he does play here for another season or even two.

and I can check my bias at the door when it comes to players I like and players I don't. I accept that we are built around playoff flake forwards.
I'll just take a moment and appreciate the humour of this.

That being said, since there are about ten or twenty forwards in the league who can fill a top six role without being described as "playoff flakes" by some then I can more or less agree with what you're saying for the sake of argument.

I'm not suggesting a full blown rebuild, I'm suggesting working with what we have, and adding pieces that help this team win a cup.
Yeah that is what everyone is talking about. Those of us limiting the discussion to moving Roberto Luongo are simply acknowledging the reality of the situation.

As such, we need to address our lousy offense. If Luongo comes back on fire and you can get an impact forward for Schneider then it makes sense to make that move to win a Cup.

If you don't make moves with the Stanley Cup in your mind, then what the hell are you doing?
Well putting your false dilemma ('either you're talking about moving Schneider instead of Luongo or you're talking about making moves that don't improve this team') aside, and to reiterate my previous point, most of us are acknowledging the reality of this situation.

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