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Originally Posted by Imagine17 View Post
What about when said player has said he thinks its best to move on from this team?
Best to move on... but still pretty good to stay

There are 30 jobs available to Luongo - where he can continue working for his real nice contract... Out of those 30 jobs, where do you think the Vancouver job ranks in Luongo's eyes - given his career and family goals? Until very recently, #1? Now, top 5 job location? Top 10 job location? Just because Vancouver might not be #1 on his preferred job location list anymore, doesn't topologically imply that Vancouver is not on his radar to be a pretty damn good place to play for a while longer - until a just as good to better job location is there (one that needs him, is a cup contender, close to family, etc.)... Florida doesn't need Luongo? Well, Vancouver doesn't need him either... So, is it better to be with a team that doesn't need you and be closer to family (and farther away from the cup), or is it better to be with a team that doesn't need you to be closer to the cup (and farther away from family)? The perfect fit for him just isn't there right now... There's a 1/30 absolute best fit scenario for Luongo (3.3%) in a league of 30 teams... 1 team provides Luongo with the best fit possible to play in the NHL... The rest are bad to decent to good to great fits... When there is only 30 destinations, can't really be overly picky where you play... There's some great opportunities, for sure... but every place will probably have some warts... The best situation might never come - just the best situation out of what is currently available... Something will probably be missing - and perhaps something significant... Just from my armchair (and real quick, off the top of my head), I think there are maybe 4 or 5 "better than Vancouver" situations for Luongo than Vancouver right now... Approx. 17%. To me, about 83% of the league is a worst situation for Luongo than Vancouver... Maybe I'm wrong, maybe something like 60% of the league is a worst situation for him, in his eyes - which I guess is good news, if Luongo is providing a list of 12 "better situation teams" he'd prefer to play with than Vancouver... Until a trade is worked out that makes sense, I don't think Luongo pisses in too many pickles... I don't think Luongo wants to go to a worst situation than Vancouver - I think it will be "just-as-good" to "better" situation, otherwise, I think Luongo would prefer to stay... The goal isn't to just be a #1 goalie... The goal is to be a #1 goalie on a Stanley Cup contending team, close to family, on a team that needs a #1 franchise goaltender...

There's been no ill-will between the Canucks and Luongo... It's not a divorced couple living in the same house, kind of scenario... There's only a population of 30 job locations that Luongo can have (if he still wants to be on a NHL team)... Out of those 30 jobs, Vancouver must still be in the top 10 of his desired locations, IMO... I think Luongo can, and would, stay with Vancouver for a little while longer...

Better for all though, the sooner it's dealt with and put away... But, I don't think the "perfect fit" or even a "great fit" is there for him right now either... Little patience, I think, would be good for him as well - if the goal is to put himself in a just-as-good to better job environment than Vancouver... If Luongo just wants out though, I'm pretty sure that Gillis could trade Luongo to Columbus or some place in the league tomorrow...

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