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I've been living in Simon Fraser Hills for the past 6 years:

Price: My family pays ~$1400/month (mortgage, utilities, condo) for a 3 bedroom + basement townhouse. Not a bargain but not bad either. Condo work was very shoddy when we first came but it's been improving ever since. 6.5/10

Character: It's a bedroom-ish neighbourhood so it doesn't have much in the way of personality. It's great for families building their nests - there are many elementary schools, a centrally located high school and SFU nearby so all the growing up can be done in the area. A fair area is taken up by warehouses, though, and there's hardly commerce outside of the Lougheed Mall/SFU area so for young adults/bachelors it can be downright boring. In terms of ethnic composition, it has a big immigrant population but the Koreans are the most visible group by far. 6.5/10

Food: Mostly Korean, Chinese and Japanese restaurants with a mix of chain restaurants like Denny's, McD's, etc. Nothing special but does the trick. 6.5/10

Safety: Hardly any concerns. You'll occasionally have the dumb **** high school students do something stupid but it's never anything of note. A few years ago some kid did shoot up the bus stop with an airsoft gun, though. 9/10

Transit: Busing (primarily 110/136/145) can be a bit unreliable but they do serve the neihghbourhood well. The SkyTrain stations (Production/Loguheed) are also very accessible and the Evergreen Line will make it easy to venture into Coquitlam too. 9/10

Amenities: Again, heavy school presence. Lougheed Mall is a short bus ride away and well within most residents' walking distance; nearby North Road has most other services - Wal-mart, Safeway, Gyms, Dental, Optical, you name it. There are also many parks/trails and Burnaby Mountain nearby so it's easy to enjoy the nature. There's also a rec center that is good for the funsies. Non-existent night life, though. 8.5/10.

Diamond in the rough: Stoney Creek. The area can often be looked over by newcomers, but those who grew up here know it's a very peaceful place where you can hike, bike and enjoy the smell and sound of nature.

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