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Get ready for a yuppie and a vancouver centric mentality.


Price: I own my apartment, bought it a while ago before the boom (been here 7 years). But there are frequent ads on our bulletin board, looks like 1 bdrm rent is around $1150-1200 in my building. I love my building, looking to upgrade to a 2 bdrm in the same building. 24/7 Concierge (they sign for all my packages, love shopping online), security guards after hours, cleaning ladies for the common areas every day, pool, gym, theatre, pool table room.

Character: As you would expect, mainly yuppies. Most keep to themselves. Personally I prefer it. I loathe some of the people who live on my floor. I have a strong dislike for any pot smell, literally gag worthy and to have it wafting into my apartment is disgusting. And this same neighbour beats his girlfriend and when he yells, he sounds demonic. On the other side of my unit is a asian boyfriend who seems to like making his girlfriend cry. Can't wait until these two move. I'm fairly close to the stadiums (2-3minutes walk), so on weekends, there's usually a game day buzz. I can actually hear the chanting if the roof is open. I feel its a pretty chill area with a bit of arrogance.

Food: Bleh. You'd think in downtown there is a lot of stuff to eat, but my area specifically is a dead zone. Have to walk 10-15 minutes to get a good place. Yaletown itself is over-priced and all generic. The Cactus club/Keg/Earls/Yaletown Brewery/Sport pubs... etc. If you want to see anyone related to the Canucks, they frequent Glowbal intensely. During camp, prospects are always walking around here either hanging out or eating.

Safety: I feel its a very safe area and a remarkably quiet on the streets after 8. Rarely do i see or hear of break ins on my block. However, there have been a few police incidents i've seen. Mainly hit and runs, once where a car chase led to my roundabout (about 8-10 squad cars that time), drunkards on the street beating each other up or domestic violence where i called once.

Transit: one bus comes around here, its route changes more than i can remember, leading me to many places I did not want. But i am equally 6-7 minutes to the expo/millennium line at Stadium and the canada line at Yaletown. Best of both worlds, and one of the major reasons why i refuse to look elsewhere. I transit everywhere but have a car for convenience/weekends.

- 2 stadiums a stone throw away
- a police station across the bridge, a fire station 2 blocks away, just about equal time between VGH and St.Pauls so in case of emergency, I would be fine.
- 5 minute walk away from VPL
-10 minute walk away from Granville shopping, 15 to the heart of Robson shopping
-Across the Cambie bridge, there is Save on, No Frills, Home Depot. I walk across the bridge a lot, timed it at 15 min avg. A 5 min walk away from my favorite, Costco, or 10 min to T&T/Tinseltown.
-Important to me is yoga. My studio is 5 minutes away walking.
- Hopefully the Aquilini's plans of a new rink and casino go through. I used to drive to RIC as Wilch mentioned as a steal @$5. Loved their 6 hour skating sessions.

Diamond in the Rough: Yamato Sushi. Decent Sushi that will get you full for cheap. Always take out from this place. Also love the Emery Barnes Park. They've done such a good job in this park for kids and adults alike.

Can not imagine living elsewhere, even in the downtown core. The Burbs are not even in my consideration.

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