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08-20-2012, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by CB Joe View Post
Ryan, easily. I don't think Subban will ever reach his full potential, too much flash and not enough substance.
Subban plays against the top opposition's line at even strength, on the PK, and also plays on our PP. He is an all-around defenceman, one of only FIFTEEN in the entire league to score over 30 points, have over 100 hits, block over 100 shots, and play over 23 minutes per game against the best lines in the NHL. He is not a one-dimensional player, he is one of the best all around defenders in the league in only his second season. He was even a significantly plus player while playing on a team that fell apart.

How much more substance does he need, for crying out loud. Do you guys actually know anything about Subban other than his name, position and race? More [I]substance[I]?!?!? What the F@(& does that mean?

I can easily understand people who feel Ryan has more value. I have no issue with people who believe Ryan is worth a bit more than Subban. However, people who simply dismiss what Subban has already accomplished in his 2 years in the league need to watch a bit more hockey or try to learn more about the game.

More substance...

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