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Originally Posted by smitter88 View Post
But isn't paying off two teams almost always going to be more expensive than paying off one.
... sure, Hamilton would have to pay indemnification to Toronto & Buffalo, whereas Markham would only have to pay MLSE. Its really kind of intriguing because with the new ownership of Rogers/Bell, Im wondering if the NHL required or perhaps "requested" that they sign-off on objecting to the possibility of not just one but possibly 2 new teams & neighbours in Southern Ontario when they went before the Board of Governors seeking approval of their purchase. The league itself in full control, determining reasonable indemnification fee's preferably through expansion but if necessary via the relocation of one or two of its troubled franchises.

Having dropped close to $1.7B on MLSE, they could use a shot of cash in the form of indemnification fee's not to mention gobbling up the local broadcast rights to both new teams along with possibly knocking CBC off its block in 2015 & swallowing the National rights as well. I dont see this "partnership" between Rogers & Bell lasting for any length of time, frankly strikes me as a Marriage made in Hell, so if you follow that logic in splitting up the spoils at some point down the road, you could have say Bell owning the local broadcast rights for the 2 newer teams & maybe a piece of Hamilton or Markham, Rogers retaining the Leafs & Raptors, TFC, the ACC & Ricoh, the Marlies. All kinds of possibilities & various ways this could come out of the wash.

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