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Originally Posted by yakitate304 View Post
Ahahaha yeah, totally the same as GSP trashtalking Jones... Except that the formerly roided up Cyborg is only 1 division away.
Well I would've used Anderson as an example but he's made 170 in the past, and also said he'd be willing to drop weight to fight GSP, so that comparison wouldn't quite have worked.

My main issue here is if you're gonna run your mouth about how you'll smoke someone, don't hide behind your weight class. This is a big reason why I'm a fan of the bigger divisions. Say Rousey can beat Cyborg at 135, but not at 145. Well who cares. Ultimately that means if the two met up in the parking lot (like Rousey alluded to), Rousey would get beat up. At the end of the day if the bigger person is tougher because they're bigger, well they're still tougher. Rousey and her camp know that cut for Cyborg borders on impossible (and even if she made it who's to say she'd be anywhere near 100%). If you wanna go around telling everyone how much of a badass you are, don't hide behind a scale.

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